Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 3)

Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 3)

Day 3: The Girls’ Bedroom

Two of my daughters share a bedroom and closet. Being only 3 years apart, they get along fairly well. Their room says otherwise.

Whenever I walked into their bedroom, clothes were all over the floor. The dresser drawers were wide open because there were too many clothes in them. They each had a dresser, but they never seemed to have enough space. What were folded clothes when I put them away, were the same clothes hanging over the dresser drawers or on the floor a few days later. Their closet was equally jam-packed full of clothes. Most of this was my fault. As I accepted my nieces’ or friends’ hand me downs and placed directly in their closet, I didn’t remove any of the clothes they outgrew. I always thought it would be a big project to go through each piece of clothing.  I justified that it would require at least a few hours of my time, which I didn’t have working full-time and being a mother of four. It was an excuse. I just needed to want to do it, which I didn’t at the time.

As I had finally started to sort, I had different sections for the sorting: (1) keep – in the bedroom for the clothes they currently fit into (2) donate (3) hand me downs (4) trash. I threw out a lot of pieces of paper, which I didn’t include in the totals below. Because we are a frugal family and on a single income, some of the clothes my eldest daughter outgrew were placed in a labeled clear bin for my second daughter to use in a year or so. The rest of the clothes were donated.

Now that I finally tackled the girls’ room, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It did seem daunting when I placed all their clothes in a huge pile in my living room. From the looks of it, it seemed like it would take days. It only took a couple of hours and the result was worth all the effort!


  • 70 pieces of girls’ clothes for ages 4-10. (donate)
  • 8 pieces of my clothes (donate)
  • 3 underwear (trash)
  • 1 pair of pants (donate)
  • 1 purse (donate)
  • 1 belt (donate)
  • 1 Disney princess bed set in carrying case (donate)
  • 1 girl’s backpack (donate)
  • 1 girl’s purse (donate)
  • 1 plastic Easter basket with grass (donate)
  • 1 sleeping bag (give. See post on The Sleeping Bag to find out who we gave this to.)

Day 3 Tally:    89

Challenge Total so far: 538  out of 1,000 (over the half way mark!)

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