Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 1)

Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 1)

I’ve decided to challenge myself to see how quickly I can get rid of 1,000 items from my home that I no longer need or want. I either have to donate to charity, give away to friends, or throw it away.

Unfortunately for me, I had already given away 8 garbage bags full of clothes to charity, which would’ve ensured I would be done with this challenge fairly quickly. Fate has a way of making it a little more difficult!

Day 1: 

Since I had already donated 8 garbage bag full of clothes, which were mostly mine and my husband’s, we also ended up with a lot of hangers we no longer needed. I mean, A LOT. My poor husband had 75% of his clothes in the closet of one of the bedrooms I use as a home office. Only 25% were in the master bedroom walk-in closet. You can pretty much guess who dominated that closet. We also still had clothes in a large box – one we didn’t unpack when we moved over a year and a half ago. We finally emptied and threw out the box. All of these clothes were donated.

The home office is finally an office, with no clothes in sight! I’m also extremely happy we were able to let go of so many pieces of clothing. All of my clothes, as well as my husband’s are now in the master walk-in closet. Prior to this purge, they were in different bedrooms, laundry baskets that would never be put away since there was no room in the closet, a box and sometimes folded at the ends of beds. It looked like chaos, and felt chaotic. I feel so much lighter and at ease when I walk into our bedroom. We still have more cleaning up to do in our room, but I already feel better just being able to walk in without following a path between laundry baskets.


  • 147 plastic hangers (donate, if they will accept. If not, trash.)
  • 2 computer speakers (recycle)
  • 2 computer monitors (recycle)
  • 1 tall lamp (donate)
  • 3 ceramic easter bunny plant holders (donate)

Day 1 Total:  155

I will be uploading videos on YouTube soon!

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