Our master bathroom was a mess. When we bought our house a year and a half ago, we changed the linoleum tile to a ceramic tile, and left some tools there since then. 19 months of tools in the master bathroom. I hate to admit it, but I also used the bathtub as storage. Yes, I did that. In the 19Read More →

As a family of six, the amount of stuff we have is unreasonable.  I can take the blame for most of the things that come into our home, as my kids are still very little. I came to America, “The Land of the Free,” as a five year old from an impoverished country. We did not have much when my parentsRead More →

As I journey to decluttering my home, I find I’m decluttering my life as well. Revelations have come to fruition as I sort through our belongings. Last night, as I was pairing up clean socks, I realized the discolored, blue and broken plastic laundry basket we throw all the laundered, single socks, is older than my marriage. My husband has hadRead More →