A co-worker’s last day was Friday, and one of the other ladies stopped by a cupcake shop close to her home in Hayward before coming to work. Just like the title of this blog says, “Just because they’re free, it doesn’t mean you have to have them!” Usually, I relate that saying to free things that clutter our homes. However, thisRead More →

Because I’m currently on a budget, I stopped buying lunch while working in the office in the city. Fortunately, the company I work for occassionally has us order food, if we have a meeting during lunch time or what we call a “working lunch.” It’s paid for by the company, of course! I definitely don’t turn those down. On theseRead More →

Last night, my husband came back from a “milk” run and told me about the homeless man trying to sleep on a bench near a gas station close to our home. Despite living in California, winter nights are still cold, often 30-45 degrees Farenheit. I work in Oakland, California, where I see homeless people every day. However, in the suburbsRead More →

When I was growing up, my mom made it look so easy preparing and cooking food. She worked a full day as a hotel maid, but she always managed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. Sometimes the food was pretty and sometimes not, but they were always delicious. Often times, they were colorful wonders and even til thisRead More →