I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and now blogger.

I’m the mother of four little kids ranging from 22 months to 11 years old. Along with my husband, we live in Northern California in a modest, single story home. By deciding to declutter our home, I’m finding the important things in life are not the material things. It’s each other.

I am, by all means not a minimalist. I am figuring out what works for a family of six and enjoying the journey in the process. I’m inspired by the many books I’ve read and videos I’ve watched regarding organizing, decluttering, and minimalism. Since I don’t plan to be a minimalist, I’m calling myself a minimumist.

First, I’m planning to minimize the material things from my home to enable me to spend more time with my family. Second, I’m a mum of four kids. Third, I’m a devout Christian and I wanted to include even a little bit of Jesus Christ’s name in my blog, hence minimumist.

We are living a joyful life, by slowly adapting to this new way of living.