Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 5)

Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 5)

It’s been a tough week, since I’ve been under the weather. All I wanted to do this week was curl up under a warm blanket and watch movies. Being sick though, all I was able to do was crawl under the blanket. I’ve been falling asleep even before the movies’ titles appear!

Here’s what I’ve been able to do today, with the limited time I’ve had. I cleaned our very small linen closet, so there weren’t that many items to get rid of. But it did feel good to clean it and re-fold all the items the way KonMari would approve. I hope!

All the items are still in good condition, so they will be donated to our local ministry.


  • 2 Flat Sheets (donate)
  • 2 Fitter Sheets (donate)
  • 8 Pillow Cases (donate)
  • 7 Towels (donate)
  • 1 Fleece Blanket (donate)
  • 1 Ruler for kids (donate)

Day 5 Tally:    21 items

Challenge Total so far:   598 out of 1,000!  Almost 60% complete!

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