Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 4)

Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 items! (Day 4)

It was a slow day for cleaning up, as Super Bowl was yesterday and not much done on the decluttering end. It was also church day, and family time afterwards. Before the Big Game party at our friend’s home, I did manage to organize one of the kitchen lower cupboards, where we kept all our pots and pans. I didn’t realize how much we had, and how much we didn’t use! There were a ton of old pots that we no longer used, as they were coated with Teflon, which my husband advised was not good for our health. Maybe someone else can make use of them.

I also cleaned  up a bit of the pantry and found expired packaged food that had already expired. I feel like I had just bought them when the baby was born, but based on their expiration dates, it’s definitely been awhile. Also, the baby is almost two years old! Woops!


  • 21 Pots, pans and lids (donate)
  • 1 Avent bably bottle (trash)
  • 10 packages of fruit cups (expired)
  • 1 package of vanilla pudding (expired)
  • 1 baby petroleum jelly (expired in 2014)
  • 4 packages of baby formula (expired in 2015)
  • 1 rayon book cover (trash)

Day 4 Tally:    39 items

Challenge Total so far:   577 out of 1,000 


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