A co-worker’s last day was Friday, and one of the other ladies stopped by a cupcake shop close to her home in Hayward before coming to work. Just like the title of this blog says, “Just because they’re free, it doesn’t mean you have to have them!” Usually, I relate that saying to free things that clutter our homes. However, thisRead More →

Because I’m currently on a budget, I stopped buying lunch while working in the office in the city. Fortunately, the company I work for occassionally has us order food, if we have a meeting during lunch time or what we call a “working lunch.” It’s paid for by the company, of course! I definitely don’t turn those down. On theseRead More →

My husband managed to let go of some of the electronics cluttering up our home office. Not a lot, but progress! It’s better than nothing! Tally: 3 Speakers and AC adapter (donate) 1 computer mouse (donate) 1 keyboard (donate) 1 karaoke microphone (unfortunately, it no longer works. Trash) 4 old TV wires/connectors (trash) 2 old AC adapters (trash) Day 6Read More →

It’s been a tough week, since I’ve been under the weather. All I wanted to do this week was curl up under a warm blanket and watch movies. Being sick though, all I was able to do was crawl under the blanket. I’ve been falling asleep even before the movies’ titles appear! Here’s what I’ve been able to do today, withRead More →

It was a slow day for cleaning up, as Super Bowl was yesterday and not much done on the decluttering end. It was also church day, and family time afterwards. Before the Big Game party at our friend’s home, I did manage to organize one of the kitchen lower cupboards, where we kept all our pots and pans. I didn’tRead More →

Day 3: The Girls’ Bedroom Two of my daughters share a bedroom and closet. Being only 3 years apart, they get along fairly well. Their room says otherwise. Whenever I walked into their bedroom, clothes were all over the floor. The dresser drawers were wide open because there were too many clothes in them. They each had a dresser, butRead More →