Last night, my husband came back from a “milk” run and told me about the homeless man trying to sleep on a bench near a gas station close to our home. Despite living in California, winter nights are still cold, often 30-45 degrees Farenheit. I work in Oakland, California, where I see homeless people every day. However, in the suburbsRead More →

When I was growing up, my mom made it look so easy preparing and cooking food. She worked a full day as a hotel maid, but she always managed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. Sometimes the food was pretty and sometimes not, but they were always delicious. Often times, they were colorful wonders and even til thisRead More →

I’m ecstatic about this challenge! It gives me a goal and I want to complete this goal as quickly as possible! As my husband and I fold clean clothes, we’ve been setting aside the clothes which are too small for our 22 month old daughter and 6 year old son. We have friends with a daughter and son younger than ours,Read More →

I’ve decided to challenge myself to see how quickly I can get rid of 1,000 items from my home that I no longer need or want. I either have to donate to charity, give away to friends, or throw it away. Unfortunately for me, I had already given away 8 garbage bags full of clothes to charity, which would’ve ensuredRead More →

Our master bathroom was a mess. When we bought our house a year and a half ago, we changed the linoleum tile to a ceramic tile, and left some tools there since then. 19 months of tools in the master bathroom. I hate to admit it, but I also used the bathtub as storage. Yes, I did that. In the 19Read More →

As a family of six, the amount of stuff we have is unreasonable.  I can take the blame for most of the things that come into our home, as my kids are still very little. I came to America, “The Land of the Free,” as a five year old from an impoverished country. We did not have much when my parentsRead More →

As I journey to decluttering my home, I find I’m decluttering my life as well. Revelations have come to fruition as I sort through our belongings. Last night, as I was pairing up clean socks, I realized the discolored, blue and broken plastic laundry basket we throw all the laundered, single socks, is older than my marriage. My husband has hadRead More →