1,000 Item Declutter Challenge!

I am passionate about many things, but I haven’t been as committed about a project like this in awhile – since my wedding!

This an exciting challenge for me, especially since I believe 2017 will be an even better year for myself and my family. The 1,000 item declutter challenge consists of getting rid of items I no longer need by either (1) giving them away (2) donating to charity (3) recycling and (4) only throwing away, if it does not meet the criterias for 1, 2 & 3.

I’m inspired by the many books and videos I’ve read and watched regarding organizing, decluttering, and minimalism. Since I don’t plan to be a minimalist, I’m calling myself a minimumist. First, I’m planning to minimize the material things from my home to enable me to spend more time with my family, rather than cleaning up the many things we own. Second, I’m a mum of four kids 11 years old and under, so minimumist sounds like the perfect word to describe me. Third, I’m a devout Christian and I wanted to include even a little bit of Jesus Christ’s name in my blog, hence minimumist.

Join me as I clean up my home and life!

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